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At the Water’s Edge Adventures offers guided multi-day kayaking tours and kayak rentals to Johnstone Strait, Blackfish Sound, and the Broughton Archipelago from our base in Telegraph Cove, BC

Experience the serenity of whale watching from a kayak as humpback, minke and killer whales roam these rugged waterways. Steller sea lions, dall’s porpoises and acrobatic white-sided dolphins are the locals here. Glide past mist-shrouded islets with bald eagles perched on towering cedars and watch for bears foraging along the shoreline. Commune with nature unplugged and end your day with friends around a beach bonfire as the sun sets on the North Pacific.

All our tours are fully nomadic, so we go where the wildlife and conditions are best. No two trips are the same. Our small group kayak tours practice leave-no-trace camping on the many remote islands of the Broughton Archipelago, Blackfish Sound and Johnstone Strait. With expedition-grade gear and some of the most experienced guides in the area, your adventure will be second to none!

Experience the West Coast’s abundant wildlife on this 3-day Johnstone Strait kayaking adventure. Our most popular tour.
Paddling from Johnstone Strait into Blackfish (aka orcas) Sound, you’ll glide through two of the most biodiverse bodies of water on the Pacific Coast.
Spend a week paddling with whales and other wildlife as we visit the remote reaches of the Broughton Archipelago.
With plenty of breaks and nature interpretations along the way, this tour is designed with families in mind. The memories will last a lifetime.
Choose your own adventure. From learning new skills to discovering new spots, this private guided kayaking tour will be your own custom itinerary to do (almost) whatever you desire.

Telegraph Cove Kayak Rentals

Our rental fleet of Seaward expedition kayaks, lightweight fiberglass or carbon paddles and gender specific PFDs will ensure you’re as efficient and comfortable on the water as can be. Launch right from our base in Telegraph Cove on Northern Vancouver Island.

Five star rating
Ramsey R
Once in a lifetime experience! ​ AWE provided us not only the most top of the line gear but also the perfect guide for it. ​ HIGHLY RECOMMEND
Five star rating
Amber B
On our trip we saw Orcas, Humpbacks, Dolphins, Porpoises, Seals, Sea Lions and a bear! To top it all off, the food was amazing and far exceeded my expectations for camping! Fresh vegetables, charcuterie, tacos etc!
Five star rating
Andrew S
Our rental experience was awesome. I have rented a number of double kayaks over the past 20 years, and the gear from AWE sits at the top with regards to quality. Additionally, the launch location in Bauza Cove was straightforward and also comes with free parking!

Self Guided Kayak Opportunities

Meal Plans
Resupply Service

For those with the skills and experience, a self-guided tour of Johnstone Strait can be the ultimate mix of freedom and adventure. We’ll outfit you with all the gear rentals you’ll need including tents and camping equipment, backcountry cooking gear and even meal plans.

At the Water’s Edge Adventures offers specialized training sessions to prepare you for your kayaking adventure. We even have a resupply service. No matter your plans — we’ve got you covered.

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