Water Taxi Transport

Friendly Boat Captain

36-foot landing craft brings you to your kayak destination

Water Taxi into remote beaches in the Broughton Archipelago with your kayaks and gear

An ideal trip is all about safety and fun, but it’s important to bear in mind that our dynamic ocean waters are no joke. Let us take you help across the choppy waters of the Johnstone Strait with our 36-foot landing craft to start or end your kayak journey.


AWE provides water-taxi services to a variety of destinations in the Broughton Archipelago. Our 36 foot landing craft is stable, comfortable, and can load up to 10-12 kayaks on board with all your gear. This vessel was made specifically for kayak transport! Our captain’s are well trained with beach landing and this aluminum landing craft can land at almost any beach in the area.

Our taxi can run kayak transport all the way to Echo Bay and further, or it can transport you through the high current waters of Blackney Pass and Weynton Pass to enjoy safe passage in Blackfish Sound. We run water-taxi services to all kayaking groups, and run the only taxi-service based out of Telegraph Cove.

Our location is located inside Telegraph Cove, in a secluded cove called Bauza Cove. You can drive to our launching site via driving through Telegraph Cove, where our water taxi will pick you up on our private rocky beach. Secure parking is available at $10 per vehicle, per day.

We offer a variety of drop-off and pickup locations in the Broughton Archipelago. These sites are set by our boat captains, as they the right beaches for camping, and safe in most weather conditions.

Our months of operations for the water-taxi transport service starts in May and go until the last week of September.
Transport rates are set for the desired location of your drop-off or pick-up, and is based on the time of travel (Telegraph Cove-Your location- Telegraph Cove).

Our Transport Vessel "Salish Sea Explorer"


Our 36 foot Landing Craft is explicitly constructed to load and unload kayaks, gear and guests. We can access a lot of different beaches and rocky-outcrops with this landing craft. We maintain this vessel over the winter and are constantly upgrading it for North Island Weather conditions. The boat has a radar, so we can navigate through the fog. Our boat has an outdoor cabin in the aft of the boat. It provides some shelter from the rain and wind, but sometimes in rainy weather, our guests might get a little wet. To mitigate this, we have rain ponchos for each guest. There is additional deck space in the front of the boat for your gear. We ask that most of your gear is in dry bags, and the front deck of the boat does get wet on bigger weather days.

The Salish Sea Explorer is equipped with VHF radio, radar, and standard safety equipment. Our captains are certified in small vessel safety and operations. The vessel is equipped with a standard package of technology (GPS) to ensure your safety while onboard. We operate two VHF radios and two GPS systems for reliability and durability. The vessel is coast guard certified and equipped with standard safety equipment. Safety gear is inspected and replaced as required.

Warm clothes and rain jackets should be worn during your kayak transport. This is due to the cabin being outside, you will experience on wind on your skin during the transport.

Watertaxi Happy Crew Atthewatersedge

Water-Taxi price
Water-taxi Service Drop-off/Pick-up Location and Prices:

Prices are for one way

  • Kaikash Creek/Hanson Island South – $400
  • Blackfish Sound/Flower Island – $500
  • Owl Island – $600
  • South Broughtons – $630
  • Crib Island – $650
  • Fox Group – $650
  • Tracey Island – $650
  • Echo Bay – $750
  • Polkinghorne Islands – $860
  • Inquire for other locations

Resupply price

Note: Prices are dependent upon drop-off location.

Please inquire directly with a drop-off and pickup location

Departure time

8:30 am- 4:00 pm

Launching point

Bauza Cove, Telegraph Cove BC

We do not use the marina inside of Telegraph Cove. Our pickup point is at our location in Bauza Cove. Secure parking is available onsite for $10 per vehicle, per day.


Any day of the week, May through September



Group size

12 maximum

Participation requirements

All ages welcome

  • Water Taxi ride from Bauza Cove to your drop-off location
  • Water Taxi pick-up at your location to Bauza Cove

Cancellation policy

We will try to reschedule or refund. Please check our terms & conditions for more information.