Self-Guided Kayaking Trips

Multiple training courses

Cheap food deliveries while on tour

Expert, friendly instructors

Strike Out On Your Own!

An ideal trip is all about safety and fun, but it’s important to bear in mind that our dynamic ocean waters are no joke. It’s essential that you understand the ocean and our area’s unique characteristics before navigating. Let us help you achieve the highest level of safety whilst experiencing nature’s pleasures.


Specialized training developed for your group’s ability level and route plan — get the most out of your training session and focus on what is critical for your trip

Are you travelling locally or internationally? No need to worry about your food packing and prep, let us take care of it for you!

Undertaking a long expedition? We are your most affordable option for you to have fresh food and supplies delivered while on tour! We know the best areas for pick-ups and drop-offs and who doesn’t want that special bottle of wine late into your trip?

Training price

Pre-tour dryland training:
$350 CAD

Pre-tour wetwork training:
$400 CAD for 2-6 people
$500 CAD for 7-12 people

Dryland and wetwork training package:
$600 CAD for 2-6 people
$750 CAD for 7-12 people

Meal price

Fully catered, self-guided trips:
$200  CAD for 1 day per groups of 2, $50 CAD per person, per subsequent day after the 1st day.

Note: Custom menus costs vary depending on menu items. Please contact us directly for custom menu options.

Resupply price

Note: Prices are dependent upon drop-off location.

Please inquire directly with a drop-off and pickup location

Departure time

Any time during AWE business hours

Meeting point

Bauza Cove, Telegraph Cove BC


Any day of the week, May through September



Group size

2 minimum, 12 maximum

Participation requirements
  • All ages welcome
  • Minors (under 19) will require a parent/guardian signature for our waiver
  • Complete medical form upon booking

We ask all who come bring a respectful attitude towards the natural environment and your fellow kayakers. The weather and wildlife are out of our control, but our attitudes are not!


Depending on which package you select, your trip may include:

  • All food, drinks, and snacks
  • Dryland training
  • Wetwork training
  • Resupply services
(Click to see all inclusions)

For fully catered trips:

  • All food packed in appropriate bags (1 bag = 1 meal)
  • Instructions for cooking
  • 3 meals, 1 dessert per day
  • Snacks
  • Drinks (tea, hot chocolate, coffee, juice)

We can accommodate most dietary preferences and restrictions. We can use the same menu we use for our guided tours or work with you to create a custom menu.

For packages including dryland training:

  • Level 3 SKGABC guide
  • Indoor location to meet to review charts
  • Forecasts
  • Campsites
  • Wildlife hotspots
  • Tides, currents, and all other relevant logistical data
  • Washrooms and parking on site

For packages including wetwork training:

  • Level 3 SKGABC guide
  • Kayaks
  • Paddles
  • Safety equipment
  • Hot drinks
  • Washrooms and parking on site

For packages including resupply services:

  • Refrigerated/freezer storage for your food while waiting for drop-off
  • Motor boat
  • Gas
  • Storage of supplies
  • Logistical support for best drop-off locations

As an option, we will check your food for spoilage before dropping it off, and if it has gone rotten, we will replace or substitute it at your cost upon return home. When at the drop-off, we will pick up any supplies you don’t need with you and store them at our location for you to pick up when you return home.

What to bring

Dryland training
We recommend you bring your own chart and logbook for note taking. Please bring snacks and drinks to last the 3-hour session.

Wetwork training
Please bring your own immersion gear (drysuit or wetsuit) as we will be in and out of the water for 3 hours. Please bring drinks and snacks.

Resupply service
Please bring your food packed and labeled efficiently to ensure all items are stored and delivered properly.

Cancellation policy

We will try to reschedule or refund. Please check our terms & conditions for more information.

Overview of the courses we offer

Pre-tour dryland training:
Spend 2-3 (customizable) hours with a Level 3 SKGABC guide before you head out on your self-guided dream tour. Our guides have paddled the Johnstone Strait and Broughton Archipelago extensively, so set your trip up for success with our firsthand knowledge on route plans, campsites, wildlife hotspots and regulations, cultural history, tides and current calculations and risk and hazard analysis. Go through mock scenarios of potential incidents that are possible while on trip and learn the specifics of your rental equipment. We will review the upcoming forecasts and tides to develop a strategic and safe route plan, identifying red flags to watch out for and detailing alternative routes along the way.

Pre-tour wetwork training:
Spend 2-3 (customizable) hours with a Level 3 SKGABC guide in the water brushing up on your strokes, rescues and paddling technique. We will go over the different tools used for rescues, work on efficient strokes and ensure that everyone in the group knows what to do in the case of an emergency. Ensure the highest level of safety for your trip and get applicable and experienced training before you head out.

Resupply service:
Do you need a resupply of food or equipment while on trip? We can drop off food, equipment or any other supplies you may need. When we do the drop-off, we will pick up any supplies you don’t need with you and store them at our location for you to pick up when you return home.

Good to know

We recommend that anyone renting equipment with us sign up for these training sessions while booking. It is a great way to ensure your trip leader has the support they need to conduct a safe and fun trip. We can shorten or lengthen the clinics as requested by your group.

For the resupply service, please pack food that needs to be frozen together, food that needs to be refrigerated together, and dry food together to ensure proper storage of food. This is for supplies only, we cannot taxi people. AWE Adventures will not be held responsible for lost or stolen goods or spoiled food due to improper packing and labelling.