Customized Multi-Day Kayaking Tour

Customized tours for all levels

Option to include or exclude meals

Certified guides by the Sea Kayak Guides Alliance of British Columbia

Customize Your Ultimate Kayak Tour

We offer professional services for customized kayaking trips that can have a variety of specific focuses, such as photography, marine biology, flora and fauna identification, yoga with trained professionals, wilderness cooking, First Nations cultural history, and more. While all of our tours incorporate these ideas, a custom tour can specify and focus on a skill or topic you choose.

It’s really up to you to choose your preferred activities and itinerary. Let us know what interests you — from learning new skills to discovering new spots, we promise to make it happen! We offer tours up to 14 days, giving you plenty of time to explore the incredible and raw wilderness around you.


All of the glory of the Johnstone Strait, Blackfish Sound, and Broughton Archipelago experienced in your own, imagined way

All guides are highly experienced with the area and have professional training outside of their guiding certifications regarding risk management, hazard analysis, interpretation and more

Enjoy up to 14 days of epic activities through secluded wilderness

We make sure you’re equipped with the best safety equipment to ensure your journey is secure and fun

All of your meals are included in the tour price so that you don’t have to worry about various extra costs — although, you can bring your own meals on a custom tour for a lower cost

Trip details


$289 CAD per person per day

Note: If you would prefer to bring your own meals, just get in touch with us for more accurate pricing.

Meeting time

8:30AM (recommended)

Meeting point

Bauza Cove, Telegraph Cove BC


Any day of the week, July through September


Up to 14 days, 13 nights

Group size

12 people for 2 guides

We can provide for a larger group on a case-by-case basis. Please contact us for more information.

Participation requirements
  • No kayaking experience necessary
  • Physically and mentally fit for at least 2 days of kayaking and camping in a wilderness setting
  • Suitable for children aged 7 and older
  • Minors (under 19) will require a parent/guardian signature for our waiver
  • Complete medical form before booking

We ask all who come to bring a respectful attitude towards the natural environment and your fellow kayakers. The weather and wildlife are out of our control, but our attitudes are not!


We can include everything needed for a comprehensive tour (kayak gear, camping gear, all meals and snacks, etc.), or we can supply only what your group needs to get out there safely and have fun.

What to bring

Dependent upon customization of trip. Upon organising your trip, we can help you figure out what exactly you need.

Note: We do not offer paddling footwear for guests. Please bring your own, well-fitting and supportive neoprene paddling shoe or runner/tennis shoe with wool socks.

Cancellation policy

We will try to reschedule or refund. Please check our terms & conditions for more information.

Overview of your custom trip

The layout of this trip is really up to you. We can include a large variety of activities from wildlife viewing from kayaks to hiking and yoga. Simply let us know what your heart desires and we will surely come up with the most suitable itinerary. You can also choose to come on a short trip or extend your journey to 14 days. Totally up to you!

Some examples of previous trips

  • Photography tour with experienced wilderness photographer
  • Ornithology tour with our resident bird expert
  • Wilderness cooking tour with a professionally trained cook
  • Signature expedition — owner’s signature tour: 9-day expedition throughout the Broughtons, Johnstone Strait, and Blackfish Sound, for the hearty adventurer
  • Yoga tour
  • Intertidal extravaganza
  • Ladies exclusive tour
  • Stag/stagette
  • Bull kelp forests
  • First Nations culture
  • Budget tour — equipment and guide only. Guests bring and cook your own meals. We supply cooking equipment, camping gear, kayak equipment, and an experienced guide.